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The new range of Sigma card printers has been designed to integrate easily into cloud environments. The DS3 is available in 3 versions: the base model, with a tactile impression module and with a lamination module.

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The Sigma DS3 card printer uses direct-to-card printing technology. This machine produces highly secure identity cards. If needed, it is possible to add a tactile impression module and/or a lamination module to this printer. Also, it is now possible to print a personalized translucent watermark on your cards (Luster Ribbon List (PDF)). With these optional modules and this new type of ribbon, your cards become more durable and are protected against forgery.

The new Sigma Series ID card printers have been designed to integrate easily into cloud environments. In fact, each model in this series is connectable to a mobile device. There is also an option that makes the printer connectable to a Wi-Fi network. Since these printers are able to connect to the Cloud (and not only to a computer), every stage of card production has been secured to ensure data protection. From boot-up to storing data, these card printers are protected against malware and viruses. Indeed, data sent between the software and printer are encrypted. In addition, data will not be stored in the printer after card production.


*The listed price represents the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the basic model.

Sigma DS3 (base model)

The Sigma DS3 is a direct-to-card printer. It is available in two versions: the simplex version (single-sided printing) and the duplex version (two-sided printing). Faster than the Sigma DS2 model, this printer can print up to 250 single-sided cards or up to 180 two-sided cards per hour.

Please refer to this brochure: Brochure - Sigma DS3 (PDF)

Sigma DS3 with Tactile Impression Module (TIM)

This module stamps any color image or text on the card. For example, your company logo will appear in low relief on the card. Combined with the other security features, this module makes tampering very difficult. When the printer has both optional modules, tactile impression is done last - it will be done on top of the laminate. In short, this add-on is an affordable way to add branding to your cards and improve security.

Please refer to this brochure: Brochure - Sigma DS3 with Tactile Impression Module (PDF) 

Sigma DS3 with Lamination Module

This module applies a long-lasting laminate on top of your cards. Indeed, this thin, very resistant layer covers everything that is printed on your card. As a result, it improves card durability by protecting it from daily wear and tear. A wide selection of laminate ribbons is available: from clear DuraShield™ to holographic laminate. Please contact us for all available options.

Please refer to this brochure: Brochure - Sigma DS3 with Lamination Module (PDF) 


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