Installation & Training Services

Installation & Training Services

Installation & Training Services

Data Carte Concepts installs your new software and equipments, integrates them to your current systems and proceeds to your personnel training. With the expertise to develop specific software applications, we can also create complementary modules that optimize the efficiency of your systems. To maximize your time and investment, consider combining installation, training, and after-sale services as well.

If you are unaware of the type of identification solution that would be most appropriate for your business, we are there to advise you and determine what types of add-ons would best benefit your system. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives today!

Installation Packages for Equipment and Software

Generally, the installation process covers the physical configuration of your device and testing necessary to insure its efficiency in your environment. Our team will insure that the whole system is perfectly integrated to your environment by connecting devices to your computers, networks and databases, and setting up the initial authorization protocol.
Our expertise enables us to install all your devices in a timely and efficient fashion that will not disturb the normal flow of operations. To cope with the wide range of models and functionalities, we offer different complementary installation bundles:

  • Customer’s environment analysis
  • Project management
  • Integration services and application development
  • Test run in a simulated environment and in the client’s actual environment

Training Services for Equipments and Software

Billed on a predefined hourly basis, our training sessions cover all devices in our catalogue which include card printers, embossing machines, peripherals and software. Our experienced technicians join you on-site to show you how to optimize the use of your systems.

Like all services provided by Data Carte Concepts, our training sessions are adapted to fit the specific needs of your company. Thus, we can train your personnel for the technical maintenance of equipments, day-to-day usage and system management.

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered during training sessions:

Training for card printers, embossing machines and peripherals

  • Equipment configuration
  • Machine operation
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Problem-solving
  • Establishing diagnoses

Training for Software

  • Card design
  • Creating and managing a database
  • Image capture
  • Basic security features (e.g. barcodes)
  • Direct- and batch-printing