Thanks to our structured network of alliances and partnerships with manufacturers, Data Carte Concepts intends to remain the top provider of identification solutions in the province of Quebec. We have mastered all technologies necessary to develop personalized secure identification solutions based on our customers' needs.

Data Carte Concepts
4030, Saint-Ambroise Street
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Montreal, QC H4C 2C7

Phone: +1 514 989-8326
Toll Free: +1 888 220-4801

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Timothée Carbonnier
In charge of the protection of personal information
Phone: +1 514 989-8326

To Place an Order

To place an order, dial +1 514 989-8326 (option 2) or send an email to To accelerate the purchasing process, please have this information on hand:

  • Your client number
  • The product code(s) of the merchandise you wish to purchase
  • The purchase order (to send by email) or credit card information for payment (Visa or Mastercard)
  • An email address to send the invoice, once the transaction has been completed

Please refer to our online catalog to find a product’s code or to find more information on our available products.

To Place a Service Call or for Remote Technical Assistance

To place a service call or for remote technical assistance, please dial +1 514 989-8326 (option 1) or send an email to To accelerate the process, please have this information on hand:

  • The defective device’s model and serial number
  • The point of contact’s name and information
  • A brief description of the problem
  • The organization or department’s opening hours
  • A purchase order number for the service call (for billable service calls (no contract), the purchase order must be sent by email)
  • Credit card information (Visa or MasterCard) for payment (for billable service calls (no contract) - depends on the codification of your account)
  • At least one email address to send your activity report and your invoice (for billable service calls) once the service call is completed