About Us

About Us

Experts in Identification Solutions for More Than 20 Years

Data Carte Concepts is proud to be a member of the ISG association (Identification Systems Group) since 2014.

Data Carte Concepts is a Québec society whose mandate is to provide, integrate and support identification solutions for people and goods. Located in Montreal, Data Carte Concepts covers a customer base across the Province of Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Since its inception, Data Carte Concepts has acquired an enviable reputation as a leading provider possessing an incomparable expertise in the identification industry.

Data Carte Concepts’ approach is based on turnkey solutions: this approach is made possible due to our vast selection of available products and our structured and efficient network of alliances and partnerships with various manufacturers. Data Carte Concepts constantly seek to reinvent itself with new avant-garde projects and intends to remain the top provider of identification solutions in Quebec. To accomplish this, we follow a simple rule: our experts strive to provide tailor-made solutions to fit each of our clients’ needs.


Why choose Data Carte Concepts?


With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, our experts are qualified to answer all your questions. From the evaluation of your options, to the purchase and maintenance of your products, our specialists can guide you through these steps to facilitate the integration of your identification system to your desired environment.


We offer the most advanced identification technology available on the market. Our warehouse contains a wide range of products which allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to our clients’ needs (equipments, software, accessories, and more). The versatility of the products offered enables the customization of identification solution to befit your specific needs.

Customer Service

Our unequalled reputation is based on our superior after-sales service executed from our certified personnel. We make sure to support the identification systems of our clients throughout their products’ life cycle by providing appropriate technical support, supplies, and accessories. With our stocked inventory, we are prepared for any contingency in terms of repair and customer support.

Corporate Culture

Data Carte Concepts’ philosophy of working in close and supported collaboration helps ensure that all efforts are concerted and oriented towards our customers’ satisfaction.

DCC is an eco-friendly company. Our employees are involved in a constant effort to recycle all reusable items such as plastic containers, cardboard boxes, paper wrap and the likes. Thus, we generate a far greater amount of recyclable material than trash. On top of that, we pledge to provide our clients with the most recent generation of green products, ranging from Energy Star, WEE and RoHS (Europe) certified hardware to biodegradable ribbon cores. Not only do we provide secure identification solutions, but we scrupulously protect the information of our clients by destroying rejected cards, print ribbons and any other surface containing sensitive data.