Data Carte Concepts is a member of the ISG association!

Data Carte Concepts is happy to be part of the ISG association!

Since its creation, the mission of the ISG association (Identification Systems Group) has remained the same: provide the best products at the best possible price in North America.

With several decades of experience, this association groups around thirty companies with expertise in the fields of identification and security. These industry veterans understand clients' needs in an ever-changing market. They can work with you on any identification project, small or large, local or national. Indeed, our professionals offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from identity cards issuance to access control and video surveillance. In addition, the solutions offered can be used in a range of settings, such as casinos, universities, financial institutions, hospitals and government agencies. It should be noted that some suppliers manufacture their own private label products. Please be assured that each certified supplier offers products approved by the ISG association.

This network has offices in every major metropolitan area in Canada and the United States. American and Canadian experts collaborate to provide cohesive services and technical support for customers with facilities across borders. Data Carte Concepts is the official supplier for the territory of Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

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