Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Buyers must pay the shipping fees, except if specified otherwise on clients’ quotes. If the desired products are in stock, clients can expect their merchandise to be expedited within 24 to 48 hours. If the products are not in stock, clients will be contacted with an estimated shipping date for their merchandise.

Data Carte Concepts follows the FOB origin shipping procedure, which stipulates that a buyer must pay the shipping fees of the purchased merchandise. The buyer will be charged the transportation costs, which will be agreed upon beforehand with the seller.

For more information, please review this PDF on Quebec’s consumer taxes.

Quebec Consumer Taxes (PDF)

Return Policy

Return, Refund, and Credit Note Policy

Merchandise must be returned/exchanged within 10 days of the shipment (which coincides with the date of invoice). Refunds/exchanges are not permitted after the allowable return period. Returns are not possible for custom equipments, accessories, consumables and specialty parts: only exchanges are possible in case of manufacturing defects. Shipping and installation fees are not refundable (no credit is granted). The original packaging, which includes instruction manual, cables, accessories, etc., must be returned in their original condition, except if specified otherwise by Data Carte Concepts. Restocking fees of 15% or 15.00$ - the highest amount of the two – will be charged.

Clients must obtain a return of merchandise authorization number (RMA) before returning the merchandise. This number must be written on documents (i.e. shipping invoice and waybill) returned alongside the merchandise. Once the RMA is provided, the merchandise must be delivered to our office within 10 business days. The returned merchandise will be verified within 48 hours of its delivery before proceeding to a refund or credit note. Once the merchandise has been returned, the client will be informed on the procedure to follow.

Billable Repair Under Warranty

The replacement parts warranty for billable repairs is 90 days, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer of the equipment. The labor warranty is 30 days. In case of a recall within the 30-day window (for labor), travel and labor expenses are not billable if the same problem is recurrent and is the result of our failure to properly repair the machine in the first place. In all other cases, the recall will be seen as the continuity of the initial call and will be billed at the regular hourly rate (during our normal business hours). Travel costs will not be billed except if the recall is caused by a totally different problem or if the machine was not used properly. In those cases, the recall will be treated and billed as a separate new call.

In case of a recall within the 90-day period (for parts), this situation will be treated as a new call (therefore, travel costs and time of site are billable). On the other hand, parts that have been replaced during the first call and are still defective will not be billed, except if the recall is caused by a faulty usage of the machine.

These same rules apply for a service call with repair in our workshop (labor and parts), except that in all cases, freight charges are paid by the customer.