Consultation & Project Management Services

Consultation & Project Management Services

Consultation Services

In order to provide you with fully integrated solutions, Data Carte Concepts offers counseling sessions to help you design, set-up and operate your identification systems. This consultation service consists of providing you with an ideal identification solution by taking into account your environment, your resources, and your specific needs. By helping you build your program’s infrastructure from the ground up, we minimize your initial investment and save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on tedious set-up operations.

Whether you represent a university or any other kind of educational facility, a public or private entity, a large healthcare center, a regional clinic, a non-profit organization or a private corporation, we offer turnkey solutions that will fulfill your identification needs. Our experts are both qualified and determined to help you exploit your system at its potential.

Here is a brief overview of our services:

  • Designing infrastructure for your identification program.
  • Determining equipments, devices, software and supplies to support your system.
  • Giving expert advice regarding product purchase and implementation.
  • Planning the installation of your systems.
  • Offering maintenance contracts to insure the optimal usage of your systems.
  • Offering service contracts for the maintenance and repair of your equipments.

Project Management

After consulting with one of our representatives, you can opt to continue with our project management service. A Data Carte Concepts representative, dedicated to your case, will monitor your project to guarantee that your identification solution is implemented efficiently. By minimizing interactions to one knowledgeable resource, you are assured better and more seamless communication. To guarantee that your projects will be finished on time, your assigned representative will provide you a detailed work plan, making sure that no detail is overlooked. Furthermore, your representative will regularly verify your system’s progression to ensure that your expectations and deadline are met. Thus, we will facilitate the integration of any identification system to your environment.

Implement your identification program in 9 easy steps

1. Synchronization of your needs, your present IT capacities and the various technologies available on the market.
2. Creation of a work plan detailing the implementation of an integrated solution.
3. Re-evaluation of your technological needs in light of the work plan.
4. Creation of a precise and detailed implementation timeline.
5. Completion of the IT migration process.
6. Installation and trial of test data.
7. Final adjustments.
8. Training of users and administrators.
9. After-sale support (on-site or by phone).