Confidentiality Policy and the Respect of Privacy

Data Carte Concepts attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers and business partners. To protect their personal information and to respect their confidentiality, we are committed to adopting strict organizational policies. Following the modernization of Law 25 on the protection of personal information, we have made changes to our confidentiality policy. It was updated on September 22, 2023.

We only collect personal information from visitors/customers if they are provided to us on a voluntary basis. Data collected includes, but is not limited to, email address, postal address, name, telephone number, credit card information, photo ID and digital signature. This information may be collected through our website, through a phone call, or through postal and electronic mail. Data are kept, among other things, for order and invoice processing, for service requests (including our production service) and for future communications.

If a visitor/customer sends us an email and/or document (in any form) that includes personal information, these will only be used to respond to their request, and will never be shared with a third party, unless the visitor/client explicitly agrees to do so. Data Carte Concepts Inc. does not sell, rent, or transmit any personal information of its visitors/customers to external people or organizations without their consent.

All documents from the visitor/customer will be destroyed when Data Carte Concepts no longer needs them. The customer has the right to request the return or destruction of the confidential data provided from Data Carte Concepts without notice. In the event of a confidentiality incident involving personal information provided by the client, Data Carte Concepts will notify the client as soon as possible and will take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of harm being caused to the people concerned. Anyone has the right to file a complaint with Data Carte Concepts regarding the protection of personal information.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our company's personal information protection representative:

Timothée Carbonnier
Telephone: +1 514 989-8326
Email: info@datacarte.com

Production Service

Data Carte Concepts' production service may require the transmission of personal information, whether in physical or digital format. Data Carte Concepts will not exploit or disclose this confidential information outside the conditions of the service agreement.

For its part, the client will transmit all confidential documents by following good practices in terms of data protection. The client also ensures that this information is transmitted in accordance with Quebec's Law 25 and all other laws concerning the protection of personal information.

By default, the storage of this data is kept for a period of 30 days, which starts after the  shipping of customer's card production. If the customer wishes to extend this period, he must request the exemption form provided for this purpose from Data Carte Concepts and return it duly completed and signed.

Copyrights and Authorization

The use of the logos, images, videos, brochures, specs or other material appearing on the company’s website, www.datacarte.com is authorized through a deal of limited use made with manufacturers represented by Data Carte Concepts.

All contents appearing on the present website is the exclusive property of Data Carte Concepts inc., its authors and suppliers. All texts, logos, brand names, images, graphics, videos, as well as any other information therein are copyrighted. Everything the website contains is protected against fraudulent reproduction, use, distribution, publication, modification, adaptation, sale or any other form of exploitation. It is strictly forbidden to use any information from the Data Carte Concepts inc. website, in parts or in whole, for commercial or public use, without the written consent of Data Carte Concepts inc., its employees, partners or providers.

Data Carte Concepts inc. is entitled to modify any information present on its website without prior notice, and it offers no systematic guarantee as to the exactitude of said information. Any visitor, who wishes to use the information contained on our website for public or commercial use, and not simply for consultation purposes, must first acquire a written authorization from Data Carte Concepts, the authors of this website or the company’s providers.

If you wish to obtain such an authorization, or if you have any question regarding copyrighted material or our confidentiality policy, feel free to contact us at the following address: info@datacarte.com.