Data Carte Concepts

ID Solutions Experts for Over 15 Years

Data Carte Concepts masters all technologies necessary for the production of modern and secure identification cards. We only select the most effective and reliable solutions to ensure a fast installation and an optimal integration to your desired environment.

No matter if you choose a small volume solution or a system of greater capacity, you are assured to find the solution that you want!

Services & solutions

ID Card Production Services

This service allows customers to obtain highly customized cards without having to invest in the purchase of specialized equipment and software. Each client can choose from a wide range of printing options to ensure a result corresponding to their needs.

After-Sales Service & Technical Support

We offer a wide range of service contracts and remote technical support that are personalized to meet the specific requirements of each customer (e.g. on-site or workshop repair, phone support, remote connection, etc.).

Installation & Training Services

Data Carte Concepts installs your new software and equipment, integrates them to your current systems (if necessary) and proceeds to the training of your personnel.

Consultation Service & Project Management

The consultation service consists of finding your ideal identification solution by taking into account your resources and your needs. Project Management ensures the implantation of a work schedule to facilitate the integration of an identification system in your environment.

Software Development

To maximize the exploitation of your software, our experts can create special applications for your identification system to better fit your usage needs.


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