Instant ID Express™

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Entry-level Instant ID Express ™ software from Entrust (formerly Datacard) lets you take your first steps into the world of ID card design and printing.

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Entrust (formerly Datacard) Instant ID software are flexible solutions that integrate your existing databases. They are reliable and easy-to-use card creation, production and management systems. In fact, you can use your software where and when you want, since it does not require an Internet connection to operate. Plus, you can customize card template configurations to suit your specific needs.

Take your first steps into the world of ID card design and printing with entry-level Instant ID Express ™ software. It offers the basics of photo capture and data import, a credential designer, and drag and drop functions in a single-user environment. Indeed, it provides the main tools you'll need to design and print ID cards and forms, enter and retrieve information and capture photos. Instant ID Express ™ is easy-to-use and is designed for the production of basic and secure ID cards. Also, you can easily upgrade your software for another version that contains more advanced features if needed.

Features :

  • Add magnetic stripes and barcodes
  • Add QR codes
  • CSV / ASCII data file import & export
  • Import & export card designs, workflow templates
  • Embedded and multiple-table databases
  • Supports Microsoft Access database
  • Quick Start Wizard
  • Localization
  • 1 user limit

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