KTT Ribbon Entrust (750 images) – CD800

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This Entrust (formerly Datacard) KTT ribbon has a printing capacity of 750 images and has two laminate panels. It is compatible dual-sided card printers (CD800, CD820, and CE870).

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This KTT ribbon contains 1 black panel and 2 clear panels of protective laminate. These two thin clear topcoats layer over the printed card to protect it from abrasion and daily wear and tear. This monochrome ribbon is compatible with single-sided and dual-sided Entrust (formerly Datacard) card printers.

* Note: On one of the ribbon rollers, you will find a radio-frequency antenna called RFID (see picture). This antenna should not be removed as it enables the printer to recognize the type of ribbon installed in the printer's cartridge. If this antenna is removed while loading the ribbon, you will get an error message (e.g. "Printer Ribbon not identified"). This will automatically suspend the printing of all the remaining cards. To avoid this problem, make sure the RFID antenna is securely attached to the ribbon. If you mistakenly removed the antenna, put it back on the correct roller and restart the printer.

This ribbon is compatible with the following Entrust card printers:

  • CD800 (dual-sided)
  • CD820 (dual-sided)
  • CE870


  • Product code: 535000-010
  • Prints 750 images per roll
  • Includes a cleaning kit: one (1) isopropanol cleaning card and one (1) adhesive cleaning sleeve

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